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Printing is possible via the common software interfaces(e.g. evince, okular, libreoffice, etc.). Please note, that you need to send the printing command only once. If there is a problem, causing the printer to stop working properly, it is unlikely to be solved by pressing "print" multiple times and you might end up with multiple copies of the same document after the problem is solved.

Quick Help

The username and password of your math account is requested for all active print jobs.

List of printers and their status

Where is my printout?

This question might be easily answered by checking the list of print jobs at the link:


You will need to login with your normal user name and password to access this list.

If the print job is still in progress, it is shown in the list immediately. It also says the printer to which the file was sent. You can also cancel your jobs or move to other printers.

If the printing job doesn't show up in the list of active jobs, it should be in the list of completed jobs at the beginning. You can switch between Active and Complete Jobs lists by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the page. Here you can also determine which printer your printing job was sent to and thus where to look for your printout.

List of print jobs and deleted jobs in the command line

Run the following on the commandline:
1. "lpq -P <printer name>" 
Shows the current printing queue with task numbers (<tasknr>)  for the printer <printer name>.
2. "lprm -P <printer name> <tasknr>" 
Deletes task <tasknr> from the printing queue.

Printer Names

A default printer is usually assigned to each user. If one is available, this is the local printer at your work station. Otherwise, the default printer is called "psout". The local printer in a work station always has the same name as the work station itself. If you are not sure which printer is set as your default printer, it might be helpful to enter von echo $PRINTER.

List of printers at the Institut

Only the publicly accessible printers and no workplace printers are listed.

Printer name Location Type Colour Double sided IP Comments
pgrad Graduiertenkolleg Lotzestr HP LaserJet 4015dn x 89
pneben Annex Building HP LaserJet 4015dn x 88
kopier Main Building Copy Room Ricoh x 83 =doppel
kopier2 Main Building Office Math. Institute Ricoh x 85 =doppel2
ckopier2 Main Building Office Math. Institute Ricoh x 85 Color prints outside office hours
kopier3 Main Building Office Mrs. Gieseking Ricoh x 79
pwitt Main Building in front of Office Prof. Witt Ricoh x 78
psprech Main Building Consulting Room Library HP LaserJet 4015 - one side only x 87
color3 Main Building Room 008 HP Color LaserJet 5550dn x x 82 A3 color printer
color4 Main Building Room 008 Dell 5110cn x 77 A4 color printer

Also, now one sided printing can be done on two-sided printers. The queue then has the additional 'single' option, e.g. "doublesingle" or "doppelsingle". The double-sided printers can print documents in different binding directions. The additional keyword book allows printing as it is needed for an A5 book.



There should be a little window in your account showing your money. Every semester, there is a free 10 Euro quota. If you need additional money on your account, you can load your personal quota at the StudIT office (room 209), the quota for 200 extra pages is 5 Euro.

Employees and PhD Students

There is no quota, but we ask you to avoid unnecessary printing to save the environment.

Additional Information http://wiki.student.uni-goettingen.de/support/drucken

How to request page quota

Open terminal and paste one of the following commands:


or the manual way having more settings (type "man repykota" to get further details)
repykota --printer printers

Instructions for printing

The command

lpr <file name>

sends a file to the default printer.
lpr -P <printer name> <file name>

sends a file to be printed at a specified printer. Many file types are automatically detected, for example: text(ASCII), PostScript, dvi, pdf and jpg. All other files must be printed from within an application where you edit these files. (E.g. StarOffice documents) However, for printers whose name starts with "xlin", only PostScript and text files can be printed directly. I.e. for example, a dvi file must be converted to a PostScript file before printing by dvips -o filename.ps filename.dvi.

Show default printer:

lpstat -d

Set default printer:

lpoptions -d <printer>    

The default printer is set till the next change. The information is stored in:

Show jobs (applet)

There is a small applet showing ongoing print jobs in the systemtray and has also simple manipulation options like canceling the job.

Show jobs (manually)

lpstat [-t]

Delete a print job:

cancel <jobid>

You get further options with: man cancel, man lpstat, man lpoptions

Special PDFs

Some PDF files are not printed. Solution: Print to ps file, selecting postscript level2. Then apply ps2ps to the file just created. This will result in a lpr print.

Uncollected Printing

Print jobs processed on the printer in room 008 are collected regularly and are sometimes stored in the brochure holder located next to the printers on the wall. Before reporting a supposedly lost print job, look there.

Color Printing

For color printing, you can use printers: "color3" (for A3) and "ckopier2". ckopier2 is in Office (room 209) and should only be used outside of office hours. However, the prints on ckopier2 are the cheaper.

Poster Printing

We have a A2 / A1 Inkjet Poster Printer. It is operated only by the system administrator. The document should be available as PDF at least 4 working days before. The printer is able to enlarge A4 size to A2 or A1. If the poster contains images in a pixel format (jpg, TIFF, png) you can achieved slightly better print quality by changing the document into the target format.

If you wish to print a poster, you should indicate this in a Support-Request as early as possible. At least 4 business days before printing. Then if there are problems is enough time to print the poster document at the GWDG.

A0 prints must be carried out at the GWDG. An account (Eduroam) is needed to do this. Also, plenty of [Druckarbeitseinheiten] must be available.

Request at:


An A0 poster on the queue "Poster" costs 0.55 AE's. A poster high quality of Canon poster printer costs 0.7 AE's. These posters have to be registered with us and will be printed and billed in the presence of the customer by us.

Nightly restart of the print server [?]

The print server will restart at 3:10. Beforehand all hanging jobs are deleted; this ensures availability of the printing system at the beginning of the next work day.

Printing with the laptop running Linux/Macintosh

After LION OSX (10.7 and higher)

Cups works differently there.

System Control
 Printing and Scanning
 + (Enter admin password)
  IP (names don't work)
   Choose ipp-Protocol
   printers/<desired printer>
   Location - Set if you want
   Printing driver: always Postscript


Alternatively you can use the Bonjour Protocol:


Before LION OSX (before 10.7) / Linux

Variant 1: Only public printers

If you won't connect your computer to printers other than the ones managed by the printing server of the Mathematicial Institute:

  1. Go to the file client.conf (create it if it isn't there):
    Debian: /etc/cups/client.conf
    Mac: /private/etc/cups/client.conf
  2. Open it as root and look for the entry #ServerName myhost.domain.com (if it isn't there, just insert the next line).
  3. Replace it with: ServerName prtsrv2.uni-math.gwdg.de and save.
  4. Restart cups: Debian: "/etc/init.d/cusys restart" or "service cups restart" Mac: No action needed

Variant 2: Public and private printers

If you also want to use printers other than the ones managed by the printing server of the Mathematical Institute:

  1. Open the following file with a text editor (as root/admin):
    Debian: /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
    Mac: /private/etc/cups/cupsd.conf
  2. Find the entry
    Browsing Off

    and change it to
    Browsing On
  3. Add the entry
    BrowsePoll prtsrv2.uni-math.gwdg.de:631
  4. Restart Cups:
    Debian: /etc/init.d/cusys restart
    Mac: No action needed

Root under Macintosh
Login as an Administrator and enter sudo passwd root. Then enter the password
Or sudo bash then enter the password.

Printing with a laptop running Windows

I. Windows XP und CUPS as an example

You want to use the printer persatz. Find it in this list:


Now the CUPS printer is configured in Windows XP.

"Add Start / Printers and Faxes / Printers" 
"Network printer or printer that is connected to computer" 
"Connect to a printer on the Internet or home / office network" 
URL is here


and click "Continue" ("Weiter")
Now select the appropriate printer driver ...
(In our example, the model of printer HP LaserJet 4100)
  If you want to use the printer as the default printer, you should select the next "Yes" - if not then "No" 

Modified from: http://www.math.tu-berlin.de/Rechnerbetrieb/Forschungsbereich/Dienste/Drucken/windows/index.html

Printing with MS Windows

I. MS Windows and CUPS

You want to use pneben Search this printer in the list:


Follow these steps with your Windows device:

"Add Printer" 
"Network printer or local connected printer" 
"Connect to a printer in the network" 
You have to use this URL


then "Continue"

Choose the driver for the printer ...
(for example Modell HP LaserJet 4100.)

You will be asked: Use this printer as standard printer YES or NO