Here you can find information and documentations about the “institute of numerical and applied mathematics”. This page is supposed to become the focal point for gaining information (inclusive internal announcements, statistics etc.). Everybody having a GWDG-account can log in and help editing the webpages.

The intranet is also reachable via the link "Intranet" in the footer of the NAM-homepage.

contact: If you encounter serious problems or you have suggestions/wishes, please file a new ticket under Issues → “New Issue” or write an e-mail to


general status pages

occupancy rate of licences


new account registration

Before you can get a user-account you need a StudIT-account. In order to be able to use our services you need to perform an initial login on one of the cip pool computers and follow the instructions displayed.


means of access to our hardware, physical and non-physical

data interchange

remote desktop (login and compute)

scientific calculation (compute)

Client-Computer (Laptops)


In the main office, a beamer and the wacom tablet can be borrowed for the use in the seminar rooms or one of MN67, MN68 or MN55. A manual of how to use the wacom tablet can be found wcom.pdf.


Communication: Emails, Groupware, videocalls

server for sage/python/haskell/julia

there exist a server where you can use sage, python, julia and haskell online with your student or staff account:


Here you can find information for the printing system

general considerations for services

  • Work on your PDF files with Okular
  • Scan: The multifunctional devices in the main office and next to the library can scan and send the result as a PDF file to an email-address.

bureaucracy und organizational stuff

mailing lists

list's address audience all users possessing an email-account doctorands staff technical staff scientific staff professors

staff portal

The staff portal and forms of the university can be found here: (Hint: PDF-forms nowadays can be edited and saved with Okular as well as with evince. On the Terminal-Server the Foxit-Reader is also installed and has the same features as the afore mentioned tools).

form center of the university (completing forms online)

Besides the staff portal there exists a 'form center' of the university where forms can be completed directly in the browser.
The following forms are accessible right now:

  • Extentions of 'Hiwis'
  • 'Dienstreiseantrag' (Form to be granted a work related travel)
  • 'Parkberechtigungsantrag' (Form to be granted parking permissions)
  • 'Dienstreiseabrechnung' (Billing of a work related travel)

and can be accessed via

In the staff portal a link to the formcenter can also be found (named 'Workflowcenter').


wcom.pdf (837.6 kB) Neumann, Kevin, 10/16/2014 10:37 am

Rundschreiben_06.11.2014.pdf (147 kB) Schulz, Jochen, 11/19/2015 10:51 am

Anschreiben_UMG-Druckerei_14-06-23.pdf (316.9 kB) Schulz, Jochen, 11/19/2015 10:51 am

Anlage_1_-_Ansprechpartner_Bestellablauf_UMG_Druckerei_14-06-23.pdf (24.5 kB) Schulz, Jochen, 11/19/2015 10:51 am

Anlage_2_-_Portfolio_UMG_Druckerei_14-06-23.pdf (89.5 kB) Schulz, Jochen, 11/19/2015 10:51 am

Anlage_3_-_Preisliste_UMG_Druckerei_14-06-23.pdf (38.7 kB) Schulz, Jochen, 11/19/2015 10:51 am