When the windowmanager panel is missing, the panel abandoned. A missing window-frame indicates that the window-manager abandoned.

Please proceed the following steps as needed:

1. Start application finder (ALT-F2)
2. Open terminal :


3. (If panel abandoned) Restart panel:
nohup xfce4-panel &

4. (If window-manager abandoned) Restart window-manager:
nohup  xfwm4 --replace &

5. Please save the session on logout, otherwise the problem presists when you login again.
h3. Wrong Display

When the panel is missing it may also just not be displayes on the existing display.
You can solve this doing the following:
- Go with your mouse to the very bottom off the display till the dock is being displayed
- Click on the icon in the middle ("Settings Manager") and in the settings manager on "Panel".
- Right-click on the dock and navigate to "Panel"->"Panel Preferences".

- Set output of panel 0 to automatic.