RepoManager is a minimalistic approach to web-based management of version control system repositories. Its goal is to simplify effective handling of repository permissions for a big sized environment of users.

Using RepoManager users themself are able to grant others permission to their repository whenever they want - which makes emails to admins for changing permissions, creating or deleting repositories etc. obsolete.

  • Simple to use Webinterface,
  • Support for Subversion, GIT, Mercurial repositories,
  • Using different database backends:
    - SQL - for user, repository and permission-data; default backend,
    - LDAP - for user-data; especially sensible when running a LDAP anyways,
    - SQLldapauth - uses LDAP only for authentification, doesn't store anything in there,
  • Customizeable through use of templates.
  • Example Apache configuration including repository-webaccess(davsvn, gitweb, hgweb) and full permission support

Where to get

You may clone the main git-repository from

Some example configuration files are included with the install information.

We currently do not provide any packages.


A demo is reachable at

You may login either as "admin" or as "guest" both with the username of guest as password.


RepoManager was originally written by Manuel Landesfeind in 2009.
Since 2012 Max Voit is continuing the project.

Thanks for contributions to

  • Ralph Krimmel